The Fear of Risking Everything for Something Empty (Part 1)

Going "all-in" with God is not a simple proposition. It can be terrifying to let go of whatever life we’ve made for ourselves and surrender to a promise God has given. We’ve all been burned by empty promises. Empty pitches from a salesman, empty words from someone we loved and trusted and empty dreams that filled our mind but never came to fruition. So many things come up empty in a broken world that even God-given dreams can seem risky. When we can firmly stake a claim to scripture and are fairly confident God has spoken, we question whether God will deliver. Fear can grip our heart when the time comes to risk everything. Many settle for too little because of the simple fear that the dream God's given, may come up empty. We need help with this fear. 

Nothing can drive out the darkness of fear, like the light of God's fulfilled promises. Nothing can inspire us like getting a taste of God's provision - it opens our spiritual eyes. Nothing can cause us to risk everything, like rehearsing all that God has already given us. God's promises are more believable when we have evidence of his faithfulness. It gets us motivated to chase our God-given dreams. Tastes of God's grace keeps us moving toward a richer future. Chasing God's greater plan is best done when reveling in the contentment of his presence and the work he's already done. 

So this fear must be dealt with at the cross. Laying down our fears to God is our greatest hope. God needs to quite our heart and bring stillness to our mind. When we allow God's peace to flood us, faith to risk everything can be born again. Fixing our eyes on both God's promises and the gifts he's already given us is spiritual sedative for our fears. A healthy mix of moving toward God's promises and resting into God's presence is the remedy for anxiousness, apathy, and even garden-variety discouragement. The way to deal with what we don't yet have, is to focus on what we absolutely do have. The only way to wait for what is yet to come, is to enjoy what has already arrived. Through the noise of fear God is whispering to us, "...I have given to you”. 

Joshua 1:3