Crushing Idols

If we allow idols in our lives to go untouched, our vision of God is obscured by the smoke from the daily sacrifices that idols demand. The destruction of idols isn't easy but it is absolutely necessary if we want to encounter the promises of abundant life. We've been invited into new life that can only be found through death. Yes, Jesus paid the ultimate price but there's things in us that have to be "put to death”. Dying to self is a constant discipline of grace that allows us to join God in his plans for our lives.

Crushing idols can be threatening because it implies we have plenty of room to grow. We need to beware of believing that we've got our life "together". Pride is the nastiest idol of all, the toughest to identify, and the hardest to fall. But don't lose heart. Remain courageous and diligent to stay as a lump of clay. Honesty crushes idols and getting honest with God is the only base from which to build a life. Stay in the conversation with Jesus. He loves us enough to invite us into the pain of self discovery.

This brings an important point. Beware of the "rat pack" effect that tells each other - "we're right and alright". Community can either help us or slowly kill us. It depends on whether those in your community are being honest to God, personally. We need honest community but we also need time alone with God. So stand with others but always make time to be alone with God. Brace yourself for the pain of discovering idols that could be stealing life from you. Keep the "eyes of your heart" fixed on the joy and true freedom set before you. The God who transforms us, loves us enough to mature us. Crushing idols is like fertalizer for faith, the more we hit em’, the more we grow. 

Mark 10, Eph. 1, Col. 3