The Fear of Risking Everything for Something Empty (Part 2)

Keep It In The Circle

There's a place to share your God-given dream, it's in the circle of trust. The circle of trust isn't for perfect people but it is for folks who can handle what God has shown us, without letting it be used by the enemy. Sharing what God has given us a glimpse of, needs to handled more carefully than a secret mission from a governing authority. The simple fact is that we're in a spiritual war means that anything God gives us, the enemy will try to steal from us. How he does this is subtle. Wisdom watches to see over time if a person can be trusted to be invited in. Scripture is clear, "A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." This is no small thing, so keep God's promises in the circle.

Defining your circle of trust is fairly simple. Keeping it in that circle is the challenge. There are two kinds of people to bring into the circle. Clearly defining these people is important to the integrity of the circle and ultimately protecting the promise. The primary group are "Key Players". Key players are part of the God-given dream need to be in the circle of trust. These are the people who are directly part of the journey or who God will strategically use to pull off what he's revealed. They are share holders who have a vested interest in your success, because it directly impacts them. Another group are "Critical Supporters". Critical supporters are people who breath life into us as we pursue the dream. They are seasoned, wise, and have "been there...done that". People with sage wisdom are secure in their own skin. Critical supporters can't have alternate agenda's or be in any kind of competition with us. Here's the test: If they can genuinely cheer us up when we're down and cheer for us when we win - bring them in.

There's no perfect way to protect the circle. Breaches are a part of this fallen world. But this is true: Be ruthlessly wise and measured in who you bring in, so that you won't be ravaged by fools in wise men's robes. If we're intentional and prayerfully building the circle, the structure and strength of the circle will be strong. And when the circle is strong, the promise is secure. Keep it in the circle.

Proverbs 18:24