The Fear of Risking Everything for Something Empty (Part 3)

Let God Speak

Sometimes we fear chasing something empty, because it’s happened too often in the past. But chasing empty things is usually because we've followed loud voices but we have yet to hear God's voice. Rushing off to chase what is popular, accepted, politically correct, or even expected of us, are several reasons we have come up empty. And the risk has not been met with any real reward - the risk came back hollow. People-pleasing is a primary failing in our pursuit of abundant living. When we measure our approval through the eyes of man, there is no room for the vision from God. The real tragedy is that when we worry more about what man says, we leave no room for the voice of God. 

We must let God speak. When we receive revelation from God, opportunity will no longer slip through our hands. When God speaks it sounds right because it is. It's not easy, nor is it cookie cutter. God's voice usually flies in the face of pop culture, conventional wisdom and even mainstream Christianity. But we must take the time and give God the floor of our heart - let God speak. Many have never heard from God but it’s not because he is silent, it’s because we just won’t stop talking, moving, self-medicating and the biggest problem, people-pleasing. But God has something to say - we need to let God speak.

Revelation is not reserved for the elite - God is speaking to everyone. God’s message to us is best received in a posture of humility and it is never withheld from the poor in spirit. Tell God you're on a search for his best and he’ll guide you on a great discovery. When you were tucked away in mom's womb God had unique plans for you. And although in the past you’ve risked everything for empty dreams, nothing you've done to this very point in time is unusable - NOTHING. Even the years that we've wandered in what seems like a desert, are just increasing our thirst for rivers of life, and toughening our soles for a great journey. Don't let fear of the future keep you from hearing God - Let God speak.

Proverbs 29:18