Chivalry: Part 2 - Secret Strength

The strength of a man has been marked, measured and sculpted since the beginning of time. Men can't resist flexing, comparing, bragging and the more slender will resort to self-deprecating. It’s all about power and a man wants to feel like he wields some power. But rather than God telling men to relax and settle for being girly men, he casts a vision for a new kind of power and strength. This power requires no supplements or protein powder, no crazy low-rep/high-weight lifting regime, and shooting-up HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is out of the equation - even God will fine you for that. This secret strength is tough to appropriate in our lives because men tend to default to what’s visible. We're hard-wired to not do it unless it can produce results and I mean quickly. It’s the toughest discipline to learn, but the results are undeniable.

Okay, it’s time to reveal the secret. Here it is: God makes men into irresistible hunks of burning love by building us into strong servants - servants who lead and love with valor. That’s it, the secret is servanthood. A woman who feels loved and led by a humble man who’s aim is to serve his wife - is a truly turned-on woman. Men who exercise all the muscles of servanthood are well proportioned towers of manhood. Some have focused getting strong in a specific area but would benefit big-time by allowing God to work us out in those areas that are naturally weaker and need more attention. The balance of these blogs will show us all the ways God intended for us to exercise this secret strength. The bulk of our content will be casting a vision for what would happen if you dared to let God work-over every part of you. The path isn’t easy, but the results will be amazing.