Chivalry: Part 4 - Words Are Optional

Communication is not the average man’s forte. Even great talkers can be at a loss for words. As critical as communication is for a dynamite marriage, words are not always the best way to get our message across. Talk can be cheap, but silence can be golden if it’s mixed with the right kind of action. Most smart men know something intuitively about our dating days. Those cheesy pick-up lines didn't have much lasting impact back then, and now they're just slightly humoring or just annoying. But pick-up that special gift, do that chore, give her a thumbs up with a wink of affirmation, or surprise your wife with her favorite hot drink, just out of the blue, and bingo–it’s a hit! Words are completely optional.

The power of a smile combined with a random act of service is universally appreciated. When somebody grabs that last bag of groceries, brings us our bottle of water on a hot day, or we get outraced to pick up something we just dropped, it means something special–it means someone cares enough to serve. That’s what we’re talking about. It’s the little stuff that makes a big difference. Chivalry isn’t about being THE man, it’s all about being her man. Chivalry isn’t sexist, it sexy. It’s about sending a message to our wife without saying a word. Chivalrous service is saying, “babe, I love you, I care for you, I honor you, I respect you and I just plain enjoy you”, without a word spoken. Now, the goal isn’t silence. The goal is screaming “I love you” in ways that pierce her heart more than anything we can say. But here’s the warning: If you initiate love toward your bride without much chatter, you’ll probably have some ‘splainin' to do.