Chivalry: Part 6 - It's Time

When men are in full dating mode we have an unusual capacity to think strategically, listen intently, and even act creatively. It’s amazing the laser focus we have when we’re stalking (in the dating sense of the word) our woman. We haven’t lost it men. We still have it. But some dust may have collected on the hunting gear. Yes, we tracked our woman down, pulled all the levers, reeled her in, and took our bride home. And then we made a big mistake. We quite chasing her and she’s been wondering what happened to that guy who had all the right stuff. But we still have it men, and your woman needs to see it. It’s time!

But let’s get real. I believe it’s far tougher to care for our woman than it was to court her. The real work begins when the element of surprise is long gone. When she knows all our moves we have just one thing left to do. Go first. Take the lead each day into the uncharted territory of a life adventure. You don’t have to put your best foot forward, just put any foot forward. Yes, real men go first and when we do, something happens. The fires of intimacy begin to grow again. The courage displayed by stepping into what you don’t fully know or understand, will be rewarded by the woman you love. Any floundering or stumbling will be cheered by her. She’ll soon be thinking, “he’s moving…that’s my man”. Your woman is about to get turned on, and even the toughest marriages can get turned around. This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s real and it’s time.

This isn’t a time to check out, it’s time to step out. It’s time to taste and see how good God really is when we put a foot forward into the path of our calling. It’s time for men to celebrate the total equality of his woman and yet champion our unique differences. It’s time for courage to be seen, tenderness to be felt, and confidence in our God to be put on display. It’s time. And remember this as you consider your next move. Chivalry still gets style points. Real men go first!