Chivalry: Part 9 - First Base

“The wisest of women build her house…"

The nesting instinct isn’t just for the birds. One of the distinct and dynamic differences in any marriage, is a woman’s desire to have a nest. Without respect to the amount of money or resources a woman possesses, it’s all about setting the right things in the right place. It can be a dirt, marble, hardwood or carpeted floor, but what matters most is that it’s HER floor. Women have this great gift and ability to build a house from the ground up until it becomes a home–her home base. And a woman's home base is man's first base to help get dialed in.

Now when a woman is expecting a child, the pressure can increase to get things arranged, organized, and scrubbed up for the new arrival. But it doesn’t take a baby on the way for a woman to feel a passion to make a house a home. The reason that “the wisest of women build her house…” is simply because the healthier and happier the home, the healthier and happier are it’s inhabitants. So the goal isn’t to get a place we can flop, it’s to help our woman build a base that says we put her first–first base. 

Men, we can serve our wives in ways that help her build something that everyone loves to sleep in. There are just a few basic needs for a fulfilling nest, and we’ll find that our wife will do cartwheels if we can do a few things well. The "first base" needs at least three things:

Safe - No woman should worry unduly about imminent danger or basic home security. There are no assurances in life, but if a woman can rest assured that her nest is relatively safe, you’ve given her the gift of a first class home base. Random checks to secure the perimeter are commonplace. And good men will get out of a warm bed to check on noises in the night. It’s just part of the deal.

Sacred - Wise women want to make their home base a first place of worship. This doesn’t imply anything weird, it simply means that her home is highly valued and deserving of great respect. It means that foul talk needs to be taken somewhere else and foul smells aren’t real welcome as well. But help her build a first base where the presence of God is regularly felt, and you got yourself a happy bride.

Separate - First base needs to be stamped with the unique design of your wife. You may have to pack some things in, and then right back out. And when she determines what can stay, you may need to patiently wait until it’s situated in the perfect space–it’s her first base. The reason husbands have man caves ( and some of us may have small corners) is so that our identity isn’t stamped on the entire home. When a home reflects the beauty and uniqueness of a woman, it’s always warm and inviting. 

The first base to dial in is home base. Your chivalry will not be forgotten.