Chivalry: Part 16 - First Fan

“…let her works praise her in the gates."

There is never a greater sign of love and commitment to a wife than when her man is his wife’s biggest fan. A strong man is never afraid of a woman’s success or her strengths. One of the evidences that a husband has found his strength in God and is fully secure in that strength, is that he can cheer for all his wife’s wins. Godly and chivalrous men understand that often the greatest limelight to be enjoyed is when it’s shining brightly on his wife. The man who loves his bride will look for ways to promote her passions and celebrate her victories, he’s the first fan.

God wraps blessing in some of the most unexpected ways. When a man sets out to date his wife to be, he can only see a small slice of what she has inside her. The potential of any woman is brought forward by those who are close and love her most. When a man loves a woman he looks to bring out of her all the good gifts God has placed within her. This may require studying our wife and spending time to learn about all the dreams inside her. But the man who spends time to discover and help launch his wife into her dreams, will have the joy of standing back a watching her flourish. Every person needs at least one fan and as your wife’s man, you can be her first fan.

The woman described in Proverbs 31 was not held back and “her works” were noticed by those in the public square. This doesn’t mean that our wife has to be a high profile rock star, she just needs to fully express who she is, in the circle of influence that God has given her. Here’s a simple progression to be a great first fan.

Dream Fan - When a man hears his wife's dreams, we hold the power to squelch them or supercharge them. Chivalry is never intimidated by how different they may be from our dreams, but cheers for her to pursue whatever God has placed on her heart. 

Opposition Fan - Any great dream will face stiff opposition. It’s when challenges arise that a man must fan her with hope and courage so our wife’s dream won’t die. The smallest battle unit is a husband and wife and when a man is his wife’s fan in opposition, he’s doing himself a huge favor as well.

Gate Fan - There will come a time when a husband can take a seat at “the gates”. It will be  the culmination of being her biggest fan in private that gives a husband such joy as her gifts and talents are recognized in public. This is the payoff for a man who is not intimidated by his wife and truly wants her to win in life.

Chivalry has the joy and satisfaction of sitting at the gate one day and cheering on the outside while thinking on the inside “what a gift God gave me”.