Our Finest Hour?

I have a couple thoughts pounding in my heart as I watch the sickening news of two massacred officers in NY and juxtapose that with good friends who have truly felt the lingering effects of racism.

We have more than a race issue, we have a sin issue. And sin divides people without respect to color alone. But God's word illuminates our real problems, it's relevance is staggering. The scriptures apply to national social issues, relational conflict of any kind and personal battles that rage in our heart and mind. I believe there are at least two lessons for all of us.

1. Where we have "disorder and every evil practice" we have clear evidence of "envy and selfish ambition" (James 3:16). When we try to lift ourselves up, build a career or establish a platform that feeds disorder, it reveals a flawed motivation. We can't diminish or rationalize any action that causes disorder and evil. Disorder can be calmed when we stop distorting truth, gossiping and feeding anger. This is true at every level and each of us have been party to or victims of someone's personal agenda.

2. God loves "justice, mercy and humility" (Micah 6:8). Calling for justice without equal parts of humility and mercy, can only foment vengeance. We don't do vengeance well at all, it's God job alone. This is why we all benefit from growing in grace and truth. Humility alone leaves us weak and always capitulating. Mercy alone is absent of truth and breeds enabling. Justice alone creates a frenzy and is dividing.

There is a vacuum of hope today. We have a golden opportunity to spread the message of redemption and reconciliation. I've been awakened to the shocking reality that our nation is relatively unreached with the gospel of life and liberty. Just recently I had the joy of sharing Christ with a group who had no real idea what Jesus can do. Let's live and share the good news. Our nation's finest hour could be just ahead.