Behind 3 Doors (part 1)

Door #1 - Crushed

This marriage is on the rocks and taking on water. Let’s get honest, it’s more than at risk for splitting the sheets, it's heading toward leaving two people (and maybe several kids) in shambles. Where this ends is never pretty. You can’t sanitize this and to spiritualize it just rings hollow. Yes, a few are justified in walking away from a wrecked marriage, but no one is fulfilled and satisfied. 

Crushed was never the goal. No one gets into a marriage fairly convinced that it will result in relational splinters. Not even a fool would put themselves in a position that will cost them almost everything. And when that day comes when we feel the jarring effect of hitting relational rocks, we simply feel crushed. The emotional carnage is devastating. Words have been said (or never said) that have left one or both parties in ruins. Trust is often so destroyed that to rebuild seems laughable and feels like more than you can possibly imagine. The vision for the future has vanished. All our energy has been fully spent, and the good times have sunk below the reach of our memory. Motivation to get this marriage off the rocks is all but finished. You’d rather to crawl to shore with almost nothing than try to float this thing again only to lose everything.

That’s an honest look into a marriage that’s crushed–maybe it’s yours. Now I’m not going to outline the couple biblical reasons you might be free to walk away. Get with some wise counsel who believes God for great things and are willing to look into the mirror of God’s word. But I will beg you to do the one thing that can change everything. Look for reasons to stay more than reasons to leave. Scour your heart and beg God for the grace to kindle the fires romance that have long ago been snuffed out. Miracles of this size aren’t common but they do happen, what if it happened in yours?