Behind 3 Doors (part 3)

Door #3 Captivating

When we’re unwilling to settle for less than God’s best in marriage, we have something attractive and enchanting. Captivating marriages aren’t without challenges or flaws, but they don’t let any challenges or flaws crush them or become a crisis. Captivating leaves room for uniqueness inside marriage and the uniqueness of any given marriage. If you resist a cookie cutter mold for a good marriage you’ll love God’s principles for captivating marriages. Captivating marriages cast a vision of what God always intended. 

Chivalry plays a huge part in a captivating marriage and man who initiates toward his wife is marking a path to a captivating marriage. So we need to imagine what could be if we settled for nothing less than door number three.

  • We must give children a vision to believe in. The cries of fatherless children are growing louder. Only captivating marriages can offer a solution to the crisis of fatherlessness and the crushing effects of divorce.
  • We must leave a legacy that tells a story of running for victory. The staggeringly low statistics of joy in marriage are undermining the institution of marriage. It’s time to captivate the imagination of the next generation with a compelling marriage.
  • We must enjoy the freedom and shameless intimacy that God intended. The amount of people who are seized up with fear, shame and bitterness is truly sad. God invites us out of the shadows of isolation and into the hope of true love.

This is no pipe dream. God doesn’t do bait and switch. We can have a captivating marriage. But if it’s true that behind every great man is a great woman, you can bet your bottom buck that that great man is a chivalrous man. Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just been crushed in our culture and lost in crisis…now it’s your turn to bring chivalry back to life.

Proverbs 5:18-19