Greatness Defined...

God has a plan for greatness and he's not shy about sharing it. The only challenge is that we're not naturally wired to understand it. Everything we've learned in life has taught us that greatness is something we need to go get. When we think greatness, we think blue ribbon, king of the mountain, top chef, gold medal, nicest abs, highest compensation and the list goes on. These aren't inherently evil and often times they're the result of God's grace and a good work ethic. But our natural born measurement of greatness leaves too many feeling like we're losers. God's plan for greatness is totally unique and not one person has to sit on the sidelines of life.  

Here's God's plan for greatness: "Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." It's this simple. In God's economy, self actualization, self determination, self gratification and most of the other self-tions have no place at the table of true greatness. This is for one simple reason: True abundance of life and the richest souls that walk this planet have found that a Christ-centered life beats a self-centered life every single day. We were made for something more than we can achieve in our own strength. We were designed to be conduits of transcendence. And when we become "like a child" we posture ourselves for greatness. That posture is utter dependence.  

Want true greatness? Don't settle another day for the best life you can make for yourself. God has more. Realize your need for someone bigger, stronger, and yes - greater than you. Reach out to God from a posture of need and witness God fill you up with all he has. God has a plan for true greatness and oh baby, you can have it.

Matthew 18:1-4