Faith Doesn't Exclude Risk...Faith Demands RIsk

Faith doesn’t exclude risk…faith demands risk and God rewards it. The plain truth is that “without faith it is impossible to please God”. Yet although faith includes the “assurance of things hoped for” and “conviction of things not seen”, faith bites off a big slice of risk. God rewards faith because it’s just not reasonable to the earthly eye and earthly thinking. Faith says “yes” to the things that the world says “no”.

But risk isn’t a supernatural crap-shoot. Risk has tasted the power of God and seen his faithfulness. Risk isn’t reckless, it’s responsible. When we’re teetering between fear and faith, risk throws us into the camp of “big faith” and God rewards it. Like the five talents that a servant released from his grip, not knowing the real payoff, God will reward the risk of faith.

So we need to risk something. God shows up with a smile on his face when we cease to bury talents and start investing them. Miserly people are miserable people. Faith is what makes life come alive. Risk says yes to God. It steps into adventure and discovers a richer future. Risk is how the message of Christ reached our ears, and risk is how we will reach the world. Faith grows over time, so take a step today and watch what God entrusts us with tomorrow. Faith doesn’t exclude risk…faith demands risk and God rewards it!

Heb. 11, Matt. 25