An Unusual Power...Mercy Isn't Wimpy

There is an unusual power waiting in the wings of our soul. It sits quietly and poised in a corner but is ready to leap to it’s feet in a moment. It’s fully armed and prepared to give us supernatural strength. But it doesn’t demand to be used. And it never condemns us if we chose to ignore it. This power is rarely understood at first glance. It actually appears weak and frail. The young and careless ignore it, while the seasoned and wise build big pieces of their life on it. For those who dare to use it…the reward is immeasurable.

This stealth strength is mercy. Mercy is: “The compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.” Mercy is not a normal thing, it’s a God thing. Kindness can seep from man, but mercy only flows from God. It was mercy that caused David to spare Saul’s life in a dark cave. It was only mercy that prevented David from plunging the sharp spear into Saul’s back and drawing justified blood. It was mercy that lowered David’s trembling hand and caused him to only sever a corner of cloth from Saul’s robe. Mercy gave Saul a chance to survive. But mercy gave David powerfully abundant life. It gave David the favor of man and the favor of God!

Mercy is the move that surprises enemies, strengthens faith and is rewarded by God. It doesn’t look past sin or wade into foolish partnerships with dangerous people, no matter what position they hold. But mercy does withhold judgement. Mercy leaves room for God to deal with people. Mercy watches and waits to see if a heart of stone can be turned by God into a heart of clay. How can we show mercy? We must be freshly amazed by the grace and mercy that God has extended to us. God’s power is waiting…

I Samuel 24