Bust your tail on the little stuff…watch what happens!

Some of our biggest wins are the result of being responsible with what seems small. Do the little stuff real well…and God’s blessings just seem to grow. Listen intently to that broken heart…vacuum to the edges…meditate on that small truth until you have it…use the gift/talent/ability you currently have and use it to the max…get your wife that cup of tea and make it like she would….show up on time to serve…rehearse the song so you don’t need the sheet music…file those lose papers…organize the garage…and it you give a hug, make sure they really feel it. I think we get it. But these little wins are not designed to be menial. They can fill us with joy as we see them warm the hearts of others!

The “increase of God” is not some mystery. It usually shows up after we’ve busted our tail to be responsible with the little things that are right before us. Yes…God loves spontaneity and Spirit promptings. But God also loves excellence and execution. I’ve found that the real difference maker in anything requires two things: 1. Do the things God wants us to do. Humbly listen to God and let his passion roil in us for those things he’s set before us. 2. Do those God things with excellence. The most important percent is the last little bit. The last 5-10% is the game changer. It can make mundane things really pop…It can make the more critical things really soar!

“You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.” Matt. 25:23