Simple Math...Count on God

Why did King David get in hot water with God for doing a head-count of his army? Simply this: Anything good in David’s life came from the hand of God. All the wars were won with God’s strength. Any big decisions that went in the win-column were led by God’s wisdom. And even when David should have been killed in a cave, God kept him safe. God wanted David – and US – to get this: The greatest life to live is all-in with God and trusting God alone – all the time!

God’s power is like a hockey horn for our soul – it should signal a huge spiritual score in at least two ways: It means 1. We are not alone. 2. We are not on our own. God’s grace broke through our spiritual isolation and offered friendship. And God’s power gives us strength to go beyond our personal ability.

So how do we honor God’s friendship and power? Don’t count how many people are on our side – God can win battles when massively outnumbered. Never list the good things we’ve done as a way to give us worth – we needed the righteousness of Christ to save us AND to carry us. Resist measuring our personal abilities when looking at God-given dreams – God gets more joy out of using humble submission, than great skills, to do great exploits. Stop looking at our circumstances when God is simply calling us to walk by faith – the good stuff isn’t from God unless it causes us to swallow hard and step into the unknown. If we’re gonna count anything…count on God!

I Sam. 24