Get Unstuck Now...Let's Go


Don’t get stuck in the past when God has such an amazing goal ahead of us. The rewards of God and joy found in Christ are so mind boggling, we must lean into the future grace of God and “forget what lies behind”. The disciple of Christ moves ahead while looking back only long enough to glean what we must, so we can kick life in gear and move into a richer future. Own everything we must own – know the lessons we must know – but sever everything that holds us back when God says “go”.

The past is not without benefit. Glean all we can, can all we get, but don’t sit on the can. Celebrate the past and find plenty to praise God for – but don’t get lost there. Grieve the past and remember our need for a Savior – but don’t get derailed there. Learn from the past and etch those lessons in our heart, soul and mind – but don’t get stuck there. No matter what it may be, the past is always, and only, a launching pad to a richer future in Christ.

“Straining forward” is a joyful chasing of joy, not a frantic scrambling for approval. Our worth and approval is never attained through our spiritual performance. God isn’t keeping score or we’d be in deep trouble. Approval is granted by God’s grace and faith in Christ – that’s how we run the race! So look ahead with diligence. Diligence is the character trait that makes dreams a reality. Keep looking up…the future is beyond bright!

Phil. 3