Set Your Compass...Get Wisdom


In a world custom made for thinking and dreaming, there’s too many who have ceased to do either. Why have we aspired too so little? Or why do we choose the wrong things? It’s not like the promises of God are puny or that we’re without a fruitful choice. C.S. Lewis saw us as prone to shoot too low, “If we consider the unblushing promises of reward promised in the Gospels, it would seem that our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak.” Our muscle of desire has been sacrificed on one of two alters. Either we sit back and wait for a “big break” or we settle for little and call it “spiritual”. One’s waiting to win the lottery, the other is waiting to be applauded for scarcity.

The real need that we have is not to create blessing, but to discover it. But the blessing that we need flows from the inside out. God has set before us “life and death, blessings and curses”. So we need to choose life. But we must sort through perceived opportunities. For every blessing God has set before us Satan has set before us at least one curse. But evil can only deceive if it puts on the dressing of blessing. Since we don’t usually lack for options, we need wisdom to chose the best one at those critical junctures.

The one thing that best fills the gap between opportunity and decision is “understanding”. Wisdom IS our greatest need. Before creating a plan, raising capital, mustering courage or anything else we may think we need to do, we need “understanding”. We just have to see beneath the surface of issues we face, people we may partner with, a business to start, or a mission we may pursue. The prayer for understanding led Solomon to more blessing than he asked for or imagined. The way to keep standing is understanding.

Maybe the biggest reason so many have ceased to dream is that we’ve been burned. Many times, by our own bad choices, we wandered into something or stayed there too long. Well, great things grow where fires once burned. So dream again, but this time ask God for understanding and don’t decide until you’ve gained the wisdom you need. Wisdom is fit for a king, but to us God says “find it”, so it is actually achievable!

I Kings 3