Some of Life's Greatest Lessons...Are Learned In A Stinky Cave

Don’t get sucked in by celebrity. King David went from hero to zero in a flash, to learn a lesson God had to teach him before he became King. But it’s a lesson we must learn as well. It’s one of those life precepts that must get in the noggin of anyone who wants to live long, live strong and prosper. Here it is: Celebrity has it’s limits. Better to be stuck in a cave with a ragtag group who love God, love each other and who’s hearts are full of courage.

Let’s face it, it’s a rush to be around people of power, prestige and position. Now, these three P’s aren’t inherently evil, but they can be a breeding ground for fickle friendships. It can create a caste system that gathers folks based on surface needs and style but not substance. What’s the reason crazy dictators kill-off close family, friends and comrades? They can see their own ugly heart and they know full well just how shallow true commitment really is at the top. Here’s the truth: Power, prestige and position tend to gather more people who love the P’s than they love the person.

David’s fall from Saul’s favor happened about as quickly as Jesus’ “triumphal entry” resulted in his Crucifixion. And there’s a similar lesson from both. Let the tough times shape you into a better person, and use the down times to determine your running partners. David had a ragtag group of 400 join him in a cave while on the run from Saul. It must have stunk to high heavens in there. But without pretense and posturing…partnerships were born.

Good news! Everyone can benefit from emotional/spiritual cave dwelling. God seams to speak more clearly in caves than in castles. It’s here that we see ourselves most clearly, others more clearly and we actually live richly. Here’s the greatest thing: God usually won’t leave us in a cave forever. But when you return to your castle, you’ll see life more vividly and you’ll handle it differently. This applies to everyone…don’t miss how it applies to you today!

I Samuel 22