Life on the rock...

When a love for God boils inside us…we’ve begun a strong upward trajectory. But when our starting point for love is anything other than God…the return on our investment is dismal. Place our love in any God substitute and our spirit will be crushed. People will ultimately fail us, money can’t satisfy and status is fickle. Adventure has its limits, all new ventures have an end and sports makes a great hobby but a poor god. And we can’t try to sanitize or disguise the emptiness of misplaced love. Living through our children, medicating our pain or even worshiping our worship are all futile endeavors.

Attempting to reignite love for something that has failed us is common…and many have lived long lives on this cycle…and died trying but failing. The truth is that each of us have tasted the bitterness of misplaced love. So this is why the gospel is such good news. We can get off the sinking sand of misplaced love and stand on the rock. From the rock of Jesus Christ all manner of things now seem to have a great fit. There’s a healthy purpose and plan for any person, place or thing. In fact, the stronger that our love for God burns, the more clearly we will see how to handle specific people, places and things.

The time is now. This is a moment to direct or redirect our love. The rock is never far away. Jesus is most easily found on our knees…and no one will be rejected. The view from the rock is amazing. Those things once so deeply compelling now look rather shallow. Those places that were so captivating are now quite small. Those people who we tried to derive life from are now in focus. They aren’t the rock we once thought…but they need to find their way to the place we now stand.

So clamor to the rock or fall in love with him again. It’s an unshakable position, the view is amazing and the future looks rather strong.

II Samuel 22:32