Love People Well...Never Lose Your Calling

Love without losing your calling! There’s a temptation around every corner and it happens every day. The temptation that’s whispered goes something like this: “Compromise your convictions – squelch your strengths – diminish your God-given dreams.” This enticement grows out of our need to be liked, understood or even loved. But the high cost is to lose our calling. In an attempt to win people over…we can lose our soul, the beat of our heart and all of our strength. Nothing and no person is ever won by this trade. And if they are, it wasn’t worth the cost. There is a stand to take, a road to be walked, and they can be done in love.

What Paul told Timothy applies to us…”Continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed”. The temptation to cave into compromise is an epidemic. Lowering our standards is what we think it takes to fit in. Pretending to be a incompetent in an area of gifting is sometimes how we try to win people over. Cowering under man’s manipulation only causes us to lose the strength and power of God. This gets us nowhere and we get there fast. Love people – YES. Dumb ourselves down – NO.

You are responsible to steward your calling. No one, but yourself, can keep, care and nurture what God has entrusted to you. Only you will ever fully understand the importance of what God has shown you. Never compromise your convictions, squelch your strengths or diminish your God-given dreams. Love without losing your calling!

II Tim. 3:14