Faith Learns From The Past...But Don't Look Back

God wants to take us on the journey of a lifetime and it’ll last forever. This mind-blowing life is often spoken of but rarely tasted, because a religious spirit can block the way, and self-righteousness just can’t take the trip. Only people who are saturated in grace, and trust in the righteousness of Christ alone, can jump in. And none of what we attain, can we claim.

Some things have to be set down. Off-loading the life we’ve made for ourselves is where we begin. 1. We can’t let our “belly be our god”. Our longing for satisfaction is real, but we must let God satisfy our deepest cravings. We can no longer consume the stuff that leaves no room for God to fill us, when God has so much more. 2. We can’t let our “glory be in our shame”. No longer can we wink at those things that tear at our soul and tear others down. Those shadowy things, followed by ritual self-justification, are the very things that must go. Here’s the great news: He’ll take them from us and remember them no more. 3. We just have to find release from “minds set on earthly things”. Lifting up our eyes to the hills of a richer future, with full trust in God to get us there, is the only answer. Renewing a mind in truth, is the way to join (or rejoin) the journey.

The goal here is not perfection, it is to recognize our desperation – our need for God’s grace in our lives. The key to kingdom living is rather simple – humility trumps ability every time. But there is some tougher news about this journey of a lifetime. Sometimes we have to move on in our spiritual journey. Yes, we must love everyone but we can’t be held back by anyone. Whether in ourselves or others, leave self-righteousness behind. By faith, run in the righteousness of Christ to a richer future. Don’t look back!

Phil. 3