Everything Is Brighter...When We Remember

Never forget what God has done. Memorialize it. Draw a circle around it. Drive a stake in the ground to mark it, but never forget it. And the reason is simple. A good memory can carry us through arid spaces. Remembering is the discipline that can keep us moving through brutal circumstances. Holding good memories before us can blaze a trail through discouragement and save us from defeat. If we want to see what God can do…we can never forget what God has done.

The goodness of God reverberates when we take time to remember. We need to be shaken by God’s grace. We must be reawakened by the reality that God is not dead. “Do this in remembrance” is an invitation to be rocked again by the grace, goodness, and power of God. But memorials reverberate and shake more than just ourselves. Twelve stones piled on the banks of the Jordan river were gathered “so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty…”. Let God shake us anew by how his hand has already moved. Let the goodness of God reverberate around us.

Everything is brighter when we remember. When our mind is fixed on God’s power in the past, the challenges of today seem to get a little smaller and the possibilities of tomorrow look a whole lot bigger. This isn’t an exercise in blind optimism, it’s a discipline of Christ’s disciples that builds hope and enthusiasm. Remembering strengthens weary bones, fills our spirit with fresh air, and soon we’re striding with new confidence in God. Everything is brighter when we remember…never forget what God has done!

Joshua 4, I Cor. 11