Remember: It’s high-octane fuel for future faith…

“Stay the course.” “It’s just over the next hill.” “Don’t leave now.”

When we can hear the voice of God it sounds just like that. Constant encouragement to stay strong in faith. But questions creep in…”Will he really deliver?”…”Is it worth the battles?” The answer is not before us…it’s behind us. A quick glimpse over our shoulder can transform our future. God has given us a great way to stay faithful.

Our memory is the friend of future victory. God has given us some high octane fuel for faith. Remember what God has done in the past and never let it fade from your mind…always keep it coming off your lips! Our future victory is contingent on a good memory. When we’re tempted to think this faith-walk is crazy…”then you shall say”…”the Lord has showed signs and wonders” in the past. Hold onto the stories of victory, both past and present, and only let ‘em get pulled from your dead cold hands. God wants our “heart, soul and might” for the future ride of faith. So remember his faithfulness, rehearse the wild exploits of God and repeat then often…here we go into the future!

Deuteronomy 6