Get In The Gym...It's Called "Adversity"

If God had a gym for his kids, it would be named “ADVERSITY”. Sometimes we’d like to rename it “confusing as heck”. If not for God-inspired stories from scripture that seem utterly bizarre, but eerily encouraging, we’d bail out on this journey of faith. Often we just want to throw something, sit down on a stump and yell “That’s it…I’m done”!

But then comes the story of David emerging from a smelly cave with 400 yahoos surrounding him and Goliath’s spear strapped to his back. He’s on the run for his life from Saul. All he did for Saul was bless him with victory and bring favor on the nation, but Saul feared his popularity. So now David’s wondering which way to go and he gets word that some countrymen are under attack. Get this: While being chased for his life he defends a town from wretched foreigners and brings them peace. What a man! Then he gets smacked in the face. The folks he saved immediately betray his heroism and sell him out to Saul to save their own skin. David gets word, rallies his men, and is on the run again. They literally ran for their lives. David was homeless, directionless, but not hopeless and that’s for one reason. God “did not give him into his (Saul’s) hand”.

Here’s the takeaways. Sometimes we’ll feel like we’re running for our lives and God’s gonna show up too late. Right smack dab in our biggest battles, God will stack more on our plate but he won’t explain why. We’ll often feel like an old idiom captures our life to a T “No good deed goes unpunished”. And just when you think you could use a break, God says, “Time to run again”. But here’s the good news: Life isn’t fair but God ultimately has this thing under control. Sometimes we can feel the breath of Satan…but God won’t give us into his hand. God is ultimately doing some amazing prep work for our future. He wants us spiritually buff. King David was made a real man in and through crisis and challenge. We grow strong the very same way. Stay humble and I’ll see you at the gym named “ADVERSITY”.

I Samuel 22-23