More Good News...God Loves Variety

The good news just keeps coming! Right when we get blown away by God's grace and power to change our lives, God steps up and affirms our unique design. God didn't discard us in the process of salvation, he regenerated us. God is wild about how he formed each of us. There were no mistakes and no retakes are needed. One thing needs to be settled right now: God digs the work he did in us and he longs for us to doggedly believe that at our very core. The straight-up truth and good news is that God loves variety.

But God doesn't just love how he made us, he loves all the different ways he wants to use us. There are "varieties of gifts...varieties of service...varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone". Simply put, God loves our unique design, our special calling and how we roll. But we have a problem. There is something constricting our gifting and starving us of spiritual oxygen. The pinch point is peer and cultural pressure. Peer pressure never stops when we graduate high school, it just gets more sophisticated. And cultural pressure to conform will never cease as long as Satan is "the prince and power of the air."

Variety is worth fighting for. This is a hill to die on.  Since God designed us uniquely, dynamically and purposefully, we can't let ourselves get crammed into anyone's mold. Most often we shrink into conformity through our own insecurity. We live under a cloud of doubt and question our calling when there's nothing to fear. Satan convinces us that conforming is better than stepping out and failing. He's a truth twister and a liar. Stumbling will surely happen at some level, but it's always best to fall and fail forward as we're leaning into our uniqueness - our God-given variety. Yes, sin can't be allowed to survive. But beyond that we need to cut ourselves loose. Stop apologizing for yourself. Never again question the purity of your passion. Funky might well be godly. And don't worry what others will inevitably say, many didn't appreciate the uniqueness of our Savior. Let the good news live in you today...God loves variety!

I Corinthians 12:4-6, Ephesians 2:2