Camp On Truth...Let Life Unfold

Let life unfold, truly unfold. God's got a beautiful plan and with long deep breaths we must trust him. Let life unfold because the reward is out of this world and the alternative is earthly and small. Every time we get ahead of transcendent timing, we miss something amazing. When we force a personal issue, something always seems to break. Our unchecked passion for justice, it's like ripping a masterpiece. We've gotta get this: God's not wringing his hands. He's not perplexed or confused about the most complex issues we face. God is thoughtfully, and with great care, revealing his plan. We just have to let it unfold.

So we need to suck it up through some tough stuff. We can't live conventionally. Abundant life is for those who trust God enough to let it flow. Those personal failings, we need to keep getting up and watching God weave them into his finished work. The injustice that attempts to drive us mad, we need to know that God calls us to stand back and give him room to work. And those things that appear to be so close to breaking through, we can't press when God wants us to rest in him. Letting life unfold is like watching a master of origami reveal the secrets of his craft. It requires more passion for the process than the final product. 

There's only one way to let life unfold, we have to camp in God's word. God uses his truth to slow our heart rate, dry the palms of our hands and unclench our teeth. Scripture provides transcendent perspective through pain. God's word shapes our thoughts from what is destructive to what is constructive. The precepts of the Lord shed enough light to let us take our next step with absolute confidence. God is inviting us to let life unfold. It's the only way to live!

Psalm 119