Deep And Wide...God's Love Is Mind Blowing

God's love is so comprehensive, it's just plain tough to comprehend! Jesus is so unlike us, that without faith it's impossible to please God or even get our minds around God. It's easy to believe that God's love is extended to others, but we question whether it can truly touch us. The song many of us learned as little kids is right - God's love is "deep and wide". But many still stand of the shores of this river of love - it's a concept but not a living reality.

People stand in a couple different camps when is comes to missing out on God's love: 1. Some stand shaking a fist and rejecting the love of God. Some of us can't stop loving ourselves and the life we're building (no matter how pitiful it may be). BTW, we can be both active religiously and actively rebellious at the same time. 2. Some of us stand shaking in our pain and rejecting God's love because of shame. We just don't believe. Getting our mind around the fact that God really wants to wrap his love around us is almost unbelievable. 

But the thing that made Jesus legit to his earliest followers was the depth and width of his love! Imagine how thrilled John the Baptist was to learn (just before his beheading) that this Jesus was for real. Jesus had street cred. His reputation then, lives on today. Here's just a sliver God's mind blowing love...and it's for you:

  • Don't know where you're really going? God's love pries open eyes.
  • Feel like you can't keep up with life? God's love helps you to walk strong.
  • Is your past sin making you feel untouchable? God's love can clean everything.
  • Having a hard time hearing anything but condemnation? God's love is a voice of hope.
  • Believe you're lifeless and a totally lost cause? God's love blows life into dead things.
  • Do you think you're too low to touch the best? Gods love reaches with riches to the poor.

Right now! Ask God to give you courage to believe him for ALL of his mind blowing's deep and wide.

Matt. 11:2-6