Myth Kills...But The Real-Deal Goes A Long Way

The picture God painted for his kids is breathtaking. One small chapter of scripture is so chalked full of promise that is seems almost inconceivable. To think that God could multiple the positive impact of our life "a hundredfold" - Awesome. Imagine that we could grow so tall and strong we become "like a tree" in a land of shrubs - Amazing. And to think that one day we could "shine like the sun" - Almost crazy. We have a tough time getting our minds around God's promises because we're so in touch with our problems. Often times God's promises bounce off our soul because we have faith to believe them for others, but in our heart we conclude "they're not for me". We've traded the power of spiritual reality for a commonly held myth.


Too many have turned away from the picture of promise that God painted for us. Too few have dared to believe that God can do a lot with just a little. We've thought we need to have most of our act together and then God steps in for the finishing touches - The final shine. That'll never work. God's goal for us is not to be master spiritual performers. The pressure is off. There's no need to bust our tail in an attempt to be the best disciple maker, prayer, and faith sharer. Every time our primary aim is to master something, we run the risk of getting our eyes off the master and that's truly dangerous.

Here's the good news in a modern phrase: A little real-deal goes a long way in the hands of God. A tiny seed in the right conditions will, in time, turn into an eye popping work of our loving Father. And here's the point of truth: We just have to bring the real-deal and God will do the real work. God doesn't need a lot to start with. Everything God touches proceeds to explode in growth. So take a long deep breath. Scrape together all the faith you can muster. It doesn't need to be much, just real. Raw spiritual authenticity is more valuable to God than all our productivity. And even if all you have is just the size of a dinky seed, give it to God. Myth kills...But a little real-deal goes a long way in God's kingdom.

Matthew 13