Take Life Head On...We have an unstoppable God

Take life head on. Not in our shear grit, but in the confidence that God began a good work in us, and he intends to complete it. God has more ways to deliver his kids that just one. We can get sucked into thinking that God rescues us from our sin, and then we're on our own. But God's rescue mission was just getting started at the point of salvation. God stands ready to rescue us time and again. This is why our testimony of life in Christ should be as fresh as each new day. The grace of God is unstoppable. God's passion to rescue us never fades. 

Check this out. Paul capped a letter to Timothy with a living reality and therefore a slam-dunk promise for you and me: "The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom." God's rescue mission never stops so let's take life head on, even into the teeth of evil. It's not a license to do it our way, it's facing the toughest things and saying to God, "make a way".

Do a 180 now! That taunting voice of condemnation in your mind - take it head on. That pile of debt that's been stealing your strength - take it head on. That mocking you've been getting hit with for your faith - take it head on. That marriage that needs to come back to life - take it head on. That shame that keeps cropping its head and stealing your dreams - take it head on. 

I don't know what God wants to rescue you from today but mark this down, our God is unstoppable. So turn toward that thing that's been beating the life out of you. Whisper from your heart "God make a way", take it head on and hang on, we have an unstoppable God. 

II Timothy 4:18