With God...How the impossible becomes possible


Jesus uncorked some mind blowing promises, and one of the greatest is this: "With God all things are possible". This is fantastic news. For anyone who has felt the weight of trying to live for God, perform in a way that gains his approval, and is exhausted from the pressure of being good enough - God breaks the curse with just two words - With God! All the greatest efforts of our humanness hit the wall called "Impossible". But with God, all things are possible. 

This is a transcendent revelation of epic proportion. God is proposing that with one move we shift from slavery to liberty, from shame to true identity, from nothing to everything. And here's the move: We need to quit relying on ourselves and cling to God. This has a two pronged application. 1. Transformation can only happen with God. 2. Sanctification can only happen with God. With man, life is impossible. But with God, the impossible becomes possible. 

Do a 180 now!

  • With God the pressure is off to perform.
  • With God there is no need to compare our righteousness to others.
  • With God we are released from building ourselves up.
  • With God we can discover our unique design and enjoy it.
  • With God a way of escape from temptation is more easily seen.
  • With God our passion for Christ isn't fabricated, it flows.

With God, the impossible becomes possible!

Matthew 19:26