True power...

God loves to put his power on display in our lives. Since the beginning of time and right through the ministry of Jesus, there's been a fascination with God's power. With so much modern abuse and profiteering from the gospel we sometimes lean away from the discussion of spiritual power. But lean in we must. God loves to put his power on display. God wants to show up in and through our lives in a big way.

There's only a couple real questions to drill down on: What is the essence of God's power and what is the truest evidence of God's power? We flash to television images of people who see God's power as something to be sold or purchased. But Psalm 19 lays down a picture of God's power that is neither for sale or for show. God's power is for life and relationships. The power of God is the result of truth, God's truth that irrigates our soul. God shows up when his word is poured in. The result is amazing.

People who are soaked in the word of God have a passion for God to be displayed in practical and yes, powerful ways. Here's a few: A revived soul, wisdom, a happy heart, and eyes that see what really matters. It's this power that we must seek because it's better than "fine gold".

The Psalm ends with the payoff - the ultimate test of true power. "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." God's word is the fuel for us to have words and thoughts that are holy and acceptable to God. With thoughts that honor God and words that lift those around us, we have now landed on what many seek - true power. Do a 180 now. Get into the word and watch God do his work.

Psalm 19