What The Father Can Do For You...

Some people use fear as a way of measuring courage or emotional strength. The more fear, the lesser the person, or so some believe. But this leaves out huge variants, like the size of the battle or the nature of what's striking fear into a person. Most importantly, we can't know from where a person started and what they've overcome. Scripture is clear that we don't have to be slaves to fear but that never implies we'll be fearless. This "fearless" pursuit is both empty and man-centered. The answer to our fallen nature is God and that means that the answer to our fear is God. 

What God can do for us is amazing. And yes, he can address our fear in any form it may take as it attempts to crush us. Check this out:

"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, ""Abba," Father."

This is real straight forward. When God removed our slavery to fear it didn't eradicate fear, it ushered in a new Spirit to deal with that fear and set us free. The same thing is true of any temptation or character flaw. God doesn't make it impossible to happen, rather he gives us himself to assist, gain counsel and shoulder the load our our behalf. Trying to shake fear is like running from our shadow. It's exhausting and we'll never get away. Today we need to stop measuring our worth by the amount of our fear. God's not that small.

Here's the bottom line: The essence of spirituality isn't the absence of fear. The only question in the balance is what we do with our fear. Will we carry it until it seizes our soul and stalls us spiritually? Or will we call out to "Abba" Father and throw the whole load of fear on his shoulders? So capture in your mind that thing that is most paralyzing to you. Now gather it up and give it to your Father. This may need to be repeated several times a day, but God has patience. Do a "180 Now". Stop trying to be fearless and realize what The Father can do for you. 

Romans 8:15