What a Friend...

The opposite of loneliness is not just friendship, it's adventure. At least with God that's the case. God fills our void of loneliness with himself, and God is going somewhere. When God directs the life of his disciple he puts us into the flow of his life and the life of God is always on the move - it's truly an adventure. When God becomes the answer for our loneliness we kinda stumble into the answer for boredom as well. God is on a mission. He's always on the move but he's never in a hurry. So tell God "I'm all in" and say goodbye to loneliness.

Friendship with God is the richest relationship we can have and on that path other rich relationships will form. Now we can really miss this path because it's like a white-knuckled ride that tends to get your stomach lodged in your throat. God remedies loneliness by getting us in over our head and needing him like never before. But this is the very way God grows our trust and ultimately our friendship. Listen to how God speaks to his friends:

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

God will put us "out there" so that the feelings of loneliness will not cripple us "in here". And the proof is in the scripture. The adventure of God's friendship has fearful circumstances, dismaying moments, feelings of weakness, need for assistance, and someone to prop us up. Look at that, God deals with our loneliness by showing what an awesome friend he really is. It just so happens that his friendship will involve some adverse conditions. The answer for our loneliness is to take a risk and join the movements of God.

Do a "180 Now". Take any sense of loneliness and tell God, "okay, I need a friend, so send me on a great adventure so I can see what real friendship is all about." We will only know what rich friendship is like, when we put it out there. God's solution for any loneliness is to join him in his life-saving mission. It's crazy at times, but soon we'll feel what the old hymn writer really meant..."what a friend we have in Jesus"!

Isaiah 40:11