The Mad Scramble Is Over...Replaced By The Joy Of God


The mad scramble is over. Racing to find something that satisfies can be replaced by resting into God. But most of us battle to truly believe that. Some of us can barely muster the courage to admit that Christian faith has seemed to leave us wanting. I believe that's true for all of us at some point. Tradition alone can leave us empty and quite afraid. But we can't fall for the temptation to diminish God just because of our diminished life experiences. If we have the courage to admit that we're not experiencing God's promises, we're positioned for breakthrough. Satan loves to recast God as a drag. But this colossal lie needs to be flushed. Yes, flushed as into the sewer system below us, where it can't be recycled. The day is over to question God's promises, we can only question why we're not tasting, digesting and living them out.

We don't need the Greek word for abundant. We know what abundance of cash looks like, what abundant rain feels like and what abundant kids sound like. Therefore, abundant life is a really good God thing. God's goal is to unleash us into the best version of what he designed us to be. The rush of life isn't lost in Christ, it's redefined and recharged. The diminishing returns of buying fun or purchasing pleasure pale in comparison to the plan of God. God's energy doesn't flame out. The stuff of God actually builds on itself. The joy gets ever deeper as we become ever stronger in him. All those attempts to fill the void of our soul is finally replaced by soul penetrating joy. The mad scramble is over.

Here's the quick application: We're born on a treadmill. The treadmill is called satisfaction. And "we can't get satisfaction". But the treadmill can be fully replaced by taking a trip with God. This isn't a pipe-dream. It's a living reality for hearts aligned with God - aligned with God. If we go the way that "seems right to a man", it's a dead end. "Even in laughter the heart may ache", "and the end of joy may be grief". We can't hit the pleasure button fast enough or hard enough to fulfill us. But God! A life aligned with God is poised for riches. The sweet spot spiritually can be painted with a bit of a picture. Imagine standing smack dab on the righteousness of Jesus alone. Not our works or hard work. Now imagine looking up and seeing God. We're not above him, we're under him. It's here that the Holy Spirit can blow fresh wind into our lives. Bottom line: The mad scramble is over...replaced by the joy of God.

Proverbs 14: 12-13