Lean Into God...He Rewards Faithfulness

There is a core spiritual truth that needs to do laps in our mind. Some words of God correct us, some direct us and others give us a shot in the arm to keep on keeping on. Our ability to stay the course with God often hinges on one single truth held captive in our heart, soul and mind: God rewards faithfulness. That's it and sometimes it's all we got. With every ounce of grace God's given us, we have to hold on to that promise for dear life. If the whole world were to say we're crazy, lean into God, he rewards faithfulness.

Love the world but never surrender commitment to truth. Listen to those around you but hold fast to what is in your heart. Caleb was a bold Israeli scout who had just a single comrade who believed God for the promised land. When fear gripped the many, when the majority were saying "we can't go", Caleb said to himself, I must trust what God has placed "in my heart". That's it. Guard whatever God plants and we're sure to watch something amazing begin to grow. Even when seemingly respected people make "the heart of the people melt" with fear, stay faithful. When you're up against resistance and when you feel outnumbered, let your heart lean into God. God rewards faithfulness.

There's two tough prongs to God's promises: Sometimes ranting about the right way is the wrong thing. It could well be that what God places in our heart will just need to be held for a time. Restraint in the face of resistance is not caving, it's waiting. God doesn't need us to force anything. Caleb let his heart be known but he was outvoted. So Caleb kept his head down and mouth shut for 45 years. And that leads to the second tough prong of God's promises. God rewards faithfulness but don't watch the clock, this could well take some time. 

Here's the kicker: Caleb received for an inheritance what had struck terror into ten spies. Caleb asked for the very land that was the toughest to take but with the biggest prize. The reason is simple. Through journeying with God for 45 years, Caleb was dead certain that God rewards faithfulness. Whatever you're up against, lean into God, he rewards faithfulness.