In Christ...Two big winners


There is no greater freedom than to be unchained from judgement and condemnation. The freedom we have in Christ is permission to run from empty religion. But this liberty can only be received as we come to grips with our forms of faith that have nudged out God. In place of "true religion" we set up traditions. As a stand-in for God's Spirit we install structure. When we construct a "form of godliness" we reject the origins of true godliness. When spiritual impotence seeps from our lips, we scramble for a measurement of spirituality that validates us as we are. This spiritual spiral causes us to cling to religious systems rather than our loving redeemer. But true freedom provides more freedom than can be imagined.

In Christ, we are freed from our own construct of justification. We no longer are slaves to the system that we've set up, but are unable to live-out. In Christ, we steal the weapon of condemnation from Satan that we handed him. We get relief from the beatings evil gave us with every failed attempt to live for God. In Christ, we are freed from the shame of all of our failure. In Christ, we stand in his righteousness. In Christ is true freedom.

But it's not just us who are now free. In Christ, we free others from our flawed systems and constructs of justification. In Christ, we cease to assist the forces of evil in their assault of condemnation and shame. In Christ, we claim no self-righteousness and point every soul we meet to the righteousness found only in Christ. In Christ, we become champions of grace, celebrants of truth, and we drip with a commitment to love. True religion sets us free from empty religion. And it's all found in Christ. 

Matthew 15