Who can we trust?

We're in need of relational wisdom and God delivers. The world is littered with stories of nuclear relational fallout. Everywhere we turn we find evidence of relational messes that simply needed some basic wisdom applied as the friendship was born. Who can we trust?God packed money-back wisdom into just 14 words. "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man." Mountains of pain can be prevented if we just take the time to apply God's wisdom.

First, our default for trust must be God and God alone. God's refuge is not fleeting or fickle. His commitment to cover us, front and back, is more solid than any earthly relationship. God is compared to a strong tower, while the best any man can offer us is a tent. God will never leave us or forsake us, while man will come and go. God is our rock, while early Jesus followers discovered we can be cheered today and persecuted tomorrow. Wisdom's bottom line: Entrust yourself to God and God alone.

Now mankind can't be derided, bashed or written off. Man is the courier of the greatest message every told. So if God trusts us with the gospel shouldn't we entrust people with our lives? This is a dangerous overreach. The God of the gospel never asks us to entrust ourselves to others. For many reasons, people have entrusted themselves to others without understanding that no man can fill the demands of that level of trust. Man will fail man. Friend will fail friend. Spouse will fail spouse. Brother will fail sister. So if we will fail each other, how should we walk in wisdom with earthly relationships?

God loves each of us and he has empowered us in Christ with a potential to love that is both real and substantive. We benefit from the love we share with others. But like running to God for refuge and strength is the way of wisdom, man should never be trusted at that level. Mankind just can't handle what God alone can carry. But trusting relationships must be built over time and with wisdom. Our relationships will be stronger as we expand the circle of trust carefully. We give more of our heart to a person as small rings of trust grow without fracture. And although we may grow to share the totality of who we are with a close friend, must never place the yoke of entrusting ourselves to them on their shoulders.

Do a "180 Now". You might need to turn around and stop entrusting yourself to a certain person or even many persons. That's God's job to cover you. It could be that you need to back away from a relationship you trusted when there is clear evidence it's simply not safe. At some level, adjustments always need to be made and God will give the wisdom needed. The full bottom line: Entrust yourself to God alone and measure out trust as it's earned with others. Much less fallout will result.

Psalm 118:8