The solution for prejudice


One of the greatest evidences of God's ability to transform a life, is when prejudice is replaced with grace. When God changes a person it's a miracle. When God changes a persons feelings of prejudice, that's a miracle as well. Feelings of dislike for someone because they are different from us in race, gender, religion or almost any other way, are stealing the very life we desire to embrace. But when prejudice is replaced with grace, the world now becomes a field of people with potential and possibilities. When God truly touches a life, prejudice is replaced with grace.

We can never see others through an eye of grace in our own strength. Psyching ourselves up to offer grace where prejudice reigns is simply an exhausting mental exercise. But there is a way to overcome this malady that afflicts the world. We must see ourselves as we are and not as we hope to be perceived. Being rocked at a soul level with our powerlessness, and flooded with who we are when we wander into darkness, is crucial to free us from prejudice. We must settle once and for all that we're hopelessly mired in spiritual poverty apart from God's grace. We need to own the utter sickness of our nature apart from God's grace. And finally, we must have the courage to admit that we would be prejudiced against ourselves if we had to live with ourselves in our darkest moments, and often we truly have hated ourselves.

So there is only one path to replace prejudice with grace. The path of brokenness isn't to be walked once in a lifetime. We must return to it every moment. We must force ourselves to see the reality of our desperate need. And the moment condemnation for anyone creeps into our mind we must surrender that thought to God. Stone sober brokenness is a gateway to abundance and freedom from prejudice. Here's the equation that brings grace where prejudice once lived: 1. Understand our condition - we were "dead in our trespasses and sin". "Dead" is fairly clear. Not a breath of life until God showed up with grace and forgiveness. 2. Understand God's mission - "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." God has an eye, not that's critical and petty, but that sees potential and possibility in all people. Combine these two truths. Let them bleed from your head to your heart, and prejudice will be replaced with grace.

Do a "180 Now". Surrender prejudice, not to self will, but to a pile of brokenness that only God can heal. Get as honest with God as possible and let God get honest with you. The more deeply we feel his grace, the more freely we will give it away. And now we're free to enjoy God's mission of loving and saving lives.

Ephesians 2:1, John 3:17