Now or Later...How to overcome procrastination


Understanding what procrastination costs us is a good way to have it change us. The price of procrastination is high. Procrastination isn't  just missed opportunities, it misses the mark spiritually. It's actually a sin to procrastinate. This passage in James is clear. "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." Now before you think God blasts us for procrastination we need to remember a couple of key things. 1. God doesn't want us just be a dreamer, he wants us to be an achiever. 2. God knows that one of the best ways to miss God today is to not fully live in the moment. The cost of procrastination is high but the upside of mastering procrastination is even higher.

So let's break it down. There are things to do in life and it feels like more things than we have time to do them in. But God never gives us more than we can do. So we have to first learn what "the right thing to do" really is. This can only be done by seeking God for direction in our life and for our life. God's clearly not wanting us to mark our day by the second or analyze our every move, but God is wanting to speak into some critical areas.

We need to let God map our day professionally. This is for every adult alive. You may not think you have a profession but a stay-at-home parent is really a manager or social engineer. We need to offer up our profession to God and say, "take this day and fill it up with the things that can't wait". God will honor that request. Write them down and give it your best.

Relationship building is critical. Ask God for those most important relationships in the next 24 hours. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even service workers we run into in the course of a day. Some people need encouragement, some a nudge, others just a shoulder to cry on. The point is simple, we can't procrastinate with relationships. 

Do a "180 Now". Turn toward God and ask him for wisdom for today. Ask him. Don't let your life be flooded with self imposed "should's". How do we prevent false condemnation and hit the bulls-eye? Seek God for today's list. It'll be totally doable and fulfilling to the max. 

James 4:17