God can build a fire in your soul...

What's happening when we seem to be doing all the right things but life feels dull at best? Why has the promise of abundant life felt elusive? And why do we begin to hear voices in our head that we shouldn't expect too much from God? Keep asking these questions because without real answers we'll fall into spiritual apathy. But what if we've already become spiritually apathetic?

We can be apathetic toward a lot of things that have no real impact on our life. But spiritual apathy can be scary. A lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern for spiritual things can make us feel like we're at risk - and we are. What's happening when we feel apathetic to God and his gospel? Well it's really nothing more than a symptom of a curable spiritual deception. Apathy is just a step away from abundance but it feels like a million miles. A lack of interest in God and his work in us is simply because we hold God at arms length and no closer. Spiritual apathy is like doing laps around a festive party and never going in. We see shadows, movement, and we hear mumbling with occasional laughter, but we never fully grasp the celebration - nor do we really care to. But one move can change everything, because spiritual apathy is the consequence of circling life-in-Christ but never entering in. This truth is beautifully captured when Jesus was speaking to religious people who suffered from spiritual apathy. Here's his words, "You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life". They were religious about religion, but apathetic about abundant/eternal life.

It's true, we can be very religious and yet dead to the things of God. Checking off a mental list of religious activities is not close to being fully alive in Christ. The deception that has led us to spiritual apathy is that we can be filled up with religious activity. But only proximity to Jesus can give us true abundance. The closer we walk with Jesus, the less likely spiritual apathy will haunt us. God has an invitation for each of us. It's two words - step in! There is no life found by circling Jesus, but abundance flows when we humble ourselves and step into Christ. 

Do a "180 Now". Turn around and step into Jesus. This requires two tough barriers to be broken. We must be willing to be known and we must be ready to surrender control. But here's a vision for stepping in. Life with Jesus gives us a look at the world from God's perspective. We see hope, possibility, eternity, healing, conquering, growth, and legacy. Why step in with Christ today? Apathy can't breath in the presence of God and God can build a fire in your soul!

John 5:39-40