God loves clarity and hates your confusion...

God loves clarity. There may be times when we're in a God ordained fog bank, but that's the exception and never the usual. Scattered thoughts can happen but God never intended for us to live disoriented. God wants to clear up the confusion. Disorder and confusion are like cousins, and at the root of it all is something that's tough to talk about, but vital that we stop to consider.

The simplest way to capture the problem with confusion is to see it as the result of pressing. Pressing is what we do when we want something but are unwilling to wait on God and slow the timing to match God's timing. The clearest passage on confusion, or pressing, is James 3:16. "For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice." When our "want" button is getting hit more than our listen button, we're destined for confusion. Jealousy and selfish ambition are ways we press, and when we press we experience "disorder" and "every evil practice" - confusion sets in and chaos can follow. 

Confusion is on a continuum. It can range from slight to extreme but if left unresolved it almost always digresses into deeper shades of grey. The solution is rather simple but requires some discipline. The pressing has to stop. When we feel like confusion is setting in or already grabbed us by the throat, we need to stop and surrender the "wants" - stop pressing. 

Do a "180 Now". Whatever level of confusion you may be feeling, stop to consider and let God search out any pressing toward a want in your life. Moving boldly with God is great but pressing into the darkness when we have no illumination or direction from God, gets us lost and confused every time. You can do this. Stop in the confusion and backtrack to a place of peace and listening to God. When pressing and confused, don't press harder, reach out to God and slide to the side of the road without slipping off the path. Let all wants go and watch bring clarity and order back into your life once again. God loves us more than to put us on a treadmill of tangled confusion. Stop and let God clear up all the confusion.

James 3:16