Abandoned no more...


Abandonment is one of the most hopeless stations in life. It's when we're alone that we're susceptible to any number of varied emotional attacks. When we've been abandoned by anyone, we are at risk to a paralyzing sense of hopelessness. But imagine what it must feel like to be abandoned by both your mother and father. This pain is beyond imagination and pushes the bounds of cruelty. It's with this level of loss that God shows just how powerful his love can be at this point of crisis.

If we understand the extreme ends of God's grace and ability to heal a broken heart, we'll more readily believe him for good things in our own life. So here's the extreme end of God's care for the abandoned. "For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in." What a God! Even if a mom and dad have thrown a child to the curb, God will take them in. This extreme picture was not just for the abandoned child, but also for anyone who feels they've been left alone or left for dead. These feelings of abandonment can afflict us even when we're surrounded by others. The soul that is empty and alone is often the soul that is busy and appears to not be hurting in the slightest. But abandonment is an emotion that afflicts both those in dark alleys and those in plush dwellings. The common denominator in abandonment is not stature, it's the status of our souls - do we feel like we are loved? 

Here we go. Just when we feel like we've reached a place that no one can reach us, we find three words, "but the lord". Yes, the lord God will take you in. He will take in anyone who calls out his name. God calls to the rich and the poor who have feelings of abandonment and says "I will...take you in". Do a "180 Now". Let the God of all love wash away the most extreme feelings of abandonment. Listen to the voice of God who simply says "come in". A surprise is in the making. What once seemed like an impossible loss, God will fill the void far better than the best parents ever could. His perfect love knows how to love us, coach us, release us, and throw us shouts of encouragement. Because of the love of God, you're abandoned no more.

Psalm 27:10