The Fear of Leaving What is Familiar (Part 2)

We Can't Fix Anything 

Optimism is a strong trait, but blind optimism is a sign of weakness. Seeing a cup half full is noble, but if the cup is slightly cracked and can't hold water unless we keep filling it, then we're just being foolish. Sometimes we find ourselves in drawn out situations, toxic relationships, unwise endeavors, and general life circumstances that are simply broken. Since we live in a broken world and perfection is not our goal, God may call you to be part of the solution. But often times we are only hurting ourselves and preventing God from doing a great work, simply because we're in the way. We can't fix anything.

When God says "arise" it's because our time, where we've been, is complete. God will never move us on unless he's got a new plan for us and a better plan for all we'll leave behind. Fear is a natural response to leaving what is familiar. Fear will cause us to protest even when we know it's best that we go. It's in the familiar that we can so easily find our worth, our identity, and our security. But there in lies the problem. We were never designed to find those things in anyone or anything but God. God loves us more than to give earthly crutches. All the attempts to get strong while living with what is familiar leaves us weaker still. That's why God says "arise" because we can't fix anything, not even ourselves.

When we finally realize that we can't fix anything, the fear of leaving everything that is familiar begins to fade. Fear causes us to lean heavily on our own understanding, while trusting God with all our heart will stand us up and make our path straight. It's true you can't fix anything, but fear not, God's got everything you're leaving and wherever you're going, fully under control. 

Proverbs 3:5-6