The Fear of Leaving What is Familiar (Part 3)

Satan Will Never Shut Up   

If evil can't scare you to death, it'll scare you into clinging onto everything that is familiar. Evil's aim is to never give us a taste of victory. It fears that we may overcome our fears. Evil wants to paint such a hopeless picture of the future that we settle for what has always been familiar. For each vision given to us by God of something extraordinary, there's a competing snarl of lies that's laced with fear - Satan will never shut up.

No matter what we may think at any given moment, God's truth trumps our thoughts. And our thinking is shaped by information, most often it's bad information. No matter what message of fear you may have believed, this fear can be crossed over. It's never too late and we're never too old. We're never too worn out or too worn down. We're never too lost or too far gone. We're never too battered and never too shattered for God to pull it all together. God can do more through our frailty than we can ever pull-off through the best efforts of our sheer humanity. It's just not over until God says it is.

But the voice of truth seems to lose territory in our mind, because pep talks never seem to work in the night. When the rousing event is over, the meeting with our mentor is finished, and the party with good friends has ended, we're left with a good feeling - and a good feeling is no match for the conniving words of evil - Satan will never shut up.

So we need more or we'll be left quaking in our boots and stuck with everything that is familiar. When God says "arise" he's inviting us into an adventure. But he's not leaving us to fend for ourselves. We're never called to beat down lies, and the fear that follows, in our own strength or even with our own words. We have to let God do the talking for us. Jesus did this himself. When hammered by twisted truth, Jesus hammered back with straight truth - "it is written". 

If evil can't scare you to death, it'll scare you into never leaving everything that is familiar. There is only one way to deal with this fear, hammer away with truth in the face of deception. Never let a lie scare you into staying with what's familiar. Satan will never shut up, so never let anyone or anything shut your mouth from speaking words of truth and life.  

Matthew 4:1-11