The Fear of Leaving What is Familiar (Part 4)

Somebody Has To Go First

When God says to "arise" we're being shown a way out from the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It's an invitation to something beyond us. Yes, it can be scary, but we're being waved forward into a dream we've only imagined or slightly tasted. And these aren't empty man-contrived fantasies. These are the God given dreams that we've not yet dared to pursue or have failed to take hold of in the past. There will be plenty of challenges ahead, but inactivity is too high a price to pay. The investment we make to get up and get after God's promises is minuscule compared to the pain and price of staying put. There is a cost to unrealized dreams, but no longer can we live in regret of missed opportunities. This is a new day with new mercy. It's time to risk again and believe God for what is truly extraordinary. 

Now, the road out of what's familiar can strike fear into the core of our being. Many have set out to follow God's greater plan for their life, only to return to what is familiar. This is a painful reality for anyone who desires to walk with God and get on with life: It will be scary and it will be lonely for long stretches of the journey. Some have "turned back" and God won't demand we leave what's familiar, he simply says, "follow me". It's our choice to "turn back as well".  

Leaving everything that is familiar requires courage, because some do turn back and the majority just won't move. The promised life that God offers us can almost seem to be fake. We wonder why more people aren't getting up and getting after their God-given dreams. We can begin to think that we're radical, rare, or sometimes we wonder if we're wrong. But this fear must be fought with every ounce of our being. When God gives us a dream we must move on it. And when that God sized vision for a better, richer and fuller life is dropped in our heart, we can be sure of this: God never goes back on his promises, so we must leave everything that is familiar. Put a deposit on it, sacrifice for it, and do whatever it takes to get after it. And when it feels like you're alone on this quest, when family and friends seem content to stay put, don't let fear hold you back. Somebody has to go first, it might as well be you.  

John 6:66-67