The Fear of Leaving What is Familiar (Part 5)

Time To Go...Leave Puny Behind

Fear is evil's secret weapon to intimidate us from getting after God's best. So fear must be accepted as part and parcel of God-given vision. If we're chasing a vision for our life that is easily imagined and personally achievable, we've settled for something that is too pitifully small - it's not of God. Find that small vision that doesn't scare us a bit and don't let it live another day.

Never settle for puny. Now puny isn't small things or hidden things. Some of the most dynamic moves of God are done on the sly and some will never be seen. But puny IS everything that falls short of God's vision and calling on your life. It is unknowingly worshiped by Billions. Puny is in board rooms, locker rooms, the pew, the pulpit - where ever you find people, puny is close by. We honor it at our own peril. You must leave puny behind or it will steal from you, kill you or destroy you.

It's time to go. We all need a little bit of Abraham in us. He encountered God at a time when "puny" was the only God in town. Abraham's story disproves many small and failed assumptions. Abundant life is not an exclusive right of the young, the rich, the beautiful or the well connected. Life is not a "right" for anyone. Real life is for those who dare to believe God. Life is extended to humble people who trust God to fulfill a vision that appears crazy. Abundant life is for the poor in spirit, who will place their complete faith in a God who has promised things unimaginable and humanly unattainable.

Yes, It's totally reasonable to question whether you have the chops to go with God - to step from puny into an unimaginable God-life. Since the beginning to this day, each faith walker has stood on the threshold of fear. Momentary spiritual paralysis is a human thing. Fear that you'll look like a fool, or worse, God won't deliver is a sign you're leaving everything that is familiar and joining God on an adventure. Yes, faith can be terrifying, but the option is too small, too empty, too deadly - too puny. It's time to arise, it's time to go. Stand up by faith, be powerful, arrive on the scene and leave puny behind.

Gen. 15:1-6