The Fear of Taking that First Big Step (Part 1)

"go over..."

Every one of us has a river in our life. That river stares us down and dares us to take that first big step.Your river stands between you and God's great promises for your life. It has to be crossed because a river can't be walk around. At times the river taunts us and tells us to not even make plans for the other side. But make no mistake, your river is cross-able by God's grace and his power. Joshua couldn't taste the promise without crossing the Jordan. There's a crossing in your life and it's just ahead. Taking that first big step is often the toughest step to take. It's a huge fear to step out because there are so many unknowns. "Will I make it" and "will it be worth it" are just two of the questions that will bombard your mind with fear. But to get on with life we have to go over a river, we just have to take that first big step.

You can do this. You can get where you need to be tomorrow by crossing something that seems impassable today. When you've imagined long enough. When the moment has finally come. When God gives the nod, it's time for a crossing. We simply can't let the fear of taking that first big step keep us from walking with God - and that's the cost of never moving. Too many people live with regret of what would, could, and should have been - don't be one of those people. And don't think that because you missed an opportunity in the past you've disqualified yourself today. Get on with livin' and get on with life. It's the first big step that sets adventure in motion, creates compelling stories, produces brave kids, floods us with waves of fulfillment, and launches us into our God-given adventure. 

This first step is a truly significant and real fear - evil knows it. If evil can scare us into being a lifelong dreamer, evil is very content with that. But God's not okay with that, that's why he said to Joshua and to each of us "go over", take that first big step. Overcoming this fear creates space between the pain and regret of the past, and moves us toward the anticipation and expectation of a richer future. This fear must be overcome because life on this side of our river is just plain empty, no matter how we may justify it. Dealing with this fear has two big benefits. It causes us to have deep questions about our own ability. But this can lead us to more fully trust God to pull off what is clearly beyond our capacity. The ultimate reason to face our fear and make the move, is because taking that first step is how God is glorified and God-given dreams are realized. Let's "go over".

Joshua 1:2