The Fear of Taking that First Big Step (Part 2)

Your Heart's Desire 

Desire is the fuel to overcome the fear of that first big step. Godly desire isn't optional, it's a required emotion to free ourselves from a desert experience. Desire cuts us loose from less-than-God's-best. Desire is the stuff that gets our toes in the water. Desire gives us a front row seat to witness some of God's most extraordinary work. There is never a better time to get in touch with your hearts desire, than the moment you believe you've settled for less. We can never untangle the past, touch the unknown or taste the greatness of God, until we bear down and humbly, yes humbly, desire more for our lives. 

Desire says goodbye to the status quo that has held you back for too long. Desire is more than letting go of small things, it's letting go of anything that lacks the presence and power of God. Even those things that seem larger than life, if they bear no trace of God they must be abandoned. Life can no longer be measured or determined by the frail human scales of power/position/prestige/possessions. That would be selling God short and leave us grasping at thin air, while pretending to be fully alive.

There is a place beyond, it's a place of promise. But it's out-of-reach for the grandest attempts of self-will. This is why we must face our fear by fully delighting ourselves in God. Delighting in God is the raw emotion of reaching the end of ourselves and saying "it's all you Father". This delight is soon followed by little tastes of what we truly long for - our heart desire. Delighting in God is like sliding down the rails of certainty into an ocean of genuine adventure that's laced with utter dependence. Some would say it's scary, but it's the proven way of the wise. So we need to let delight and desire boil in our fully surrendered soul.

True fulfillment awaits anyone who fears not experiencing God, more than the fear of that first big step. Desire never needs to be tempered in a heart that is surrendered. Your fear can be conquered when you slip away from the security of self and slide into sovereign delight - trusting God for absolutely everything. Pure and passionate desire can send us into the vastness and presence of a good and loving God. So delight in God and take that first big step, the desire of your heart is about to be met.

Psalm 37:4